How the healthy mind coaches may help you 

"Let us guide you to find a healthy & affective way to remove your toxins from within"

12 years running and then owning a very successful Health & Fitness facility in Taupo, New Zealand, their next destination, was to be... Bali (3 1/2 years). When leaving New Zealand for the first time, Chris became a vegetarian and Marlene was soon to follow.
Chris experienced the FIFO life in mining as scaffolder, still able to continue coaching online back in New Zealand, while Marlene localised herself and having projects of her own in the beautiful village of Sayan, Ubud, Next stop, Port Hedland.
Side by side together they have journeyed on many paths and now they find themselves, in Geraldton, Marlene's town of her teenage years and some more, to be near her mum for her final years.
"It is time for us to spread our knowledge and experience and guide those to embark on their own journey's to self healing" 

Christopher Henderson

High Sporting Achievements:
  • 3rd in New Zealand juniors long distance duathlon
  • Mr New Zealand athletic NABBA, 3rd Universe, Cuxhaven, Germany
  • 3 titles New Zealand Masters track cycling 

  • Healthy Mind Coach to positive thinking  
  • Massage therapist
  • Muscular Alignment
  • Strength Conditioning 
  • Fat loss, muscle gain specialist
  • Complete bodybuilding for vegetarians (Posing, nutrition, comp preparation etc)
  • Multisport program conditioning
  • Ironman & Triathlon coach

Marlene Henderson

  • 1996-2009 New Zealand figure bodybuilder
  • 2003 INBA Natural Olympia Overall figure champion
  • 2009 Figure age group Class Champion 

  • Motivator
  • Healthy Eating, Healthy Living personal program designer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Inspirational figure, body shaping coach - Nutrition, posing, comp prep and post comp (Honest, reliable and real)
  • Healthy mind coach 

Why Us?

Uniqueness and adaptability, with a pure focus on individual needs is what we strive to achieve. Our aim is to develop self healing and we would like to coach you to unleash your ability and reach your full potential to achieve exactly that...